recent work

I am fascinated by what paint can do:  how color works, how gestures of applying that color create endless relationships and energies. The physical qualities of paint transform objects, creating tangible, intimate experiences in the world.  Irregularities of line and shape and texture show the power of the human life force.  And there is something else again in taking what is made and re-arranging and transforming it into something new.  

My recent work explores these ideas using four distinct paintings initially created together, then repainted, rotated, re-arranged, often multiple times, until I arrive at a composition that “works”.  Using aspects of sequence, syntax, comparison and association, I strive to find results that are subtle, unfamiliar, perhaps even wrong.

With the ultimate intention to create larger works, I began painting on small pieces of cardboard, originally as maquettes and experiments. As this process developed, these paintings took on a life of their own.  The unique surface textures of the material, as well as the inexactness of its edges accentuate the physical presence of the paintings, making them more than simply an image to be read. 

The symbol in each section came about with no particular meaning other than as a simple device to hold color.  While any interpretation is correct, my own meaning for it became that of a cipher for making a decision.  The decision is not that of A or B, but rather making or not making the decision.  In this way, the paintings become a diagram of their own creation: a series of decisions, with relationships to each other and to the whole, that are discovered and change over time. 

larger paintings

These are the first in a series of detailed, reality-based abstractions.