print design

I have created various print projects for clients like Levi Strauss & Co., Oracle, and Veritas, as well as a slew of posters, brochures, logos, event media and specialty commemorative objects.


I love doing posters.  Been doing them since I was in junior high.  The influence of the great San Francisco poster artists of the sixties can not be understated, Alton Kelly and Victor Moscoso in particular.

While there are a couple of film posters here, the majority of these things are for Spark Off Rose, a Los Angeles-based performance series where writers read works dealing with a particular subject.  I consider these posters to be my own interpretation of those themes.

Wedding invitations and parcels
These were designed to be very special wedding invitation packages that included small sculptures complementing the printed invitations, all of which came in keepsake boxes that invited re-use. Designed to reflect the personalities and intentions of the couple, components were regionally sourced and designed to minimize environmental impact through the uniqueness and beauty of their design.