In prior work, my approach to painting was to remove the dictates of narrative and specific content, focusing on tensions between particular qualities that were both visual and cognitive. Looking purely for arrangements of color, gesture and surface, cardboard arose as an interesting and readily available material.

Emigrating to Ireland from Northern California in 2017 included getting rid of most of our possessions, storing some, and mailing the remaining essentials to our new home. All of that happened in cardboard boxes.

Faced with those now empty, flattened boxes, I found myself thinking about the significance this material had both to my experience and to that of other people in movement. The ability of paint to transfigure this material provided a way into a type of totem creation that alludes to past, present and future. Color became a way to reflect my sense of upheaval and transformation. Arrangements were now inspired by, though not tethered to, recollection and contemplation.

What began as an effort to scramble the process of creation is now a part of making new logic from chaos.