artist's statement

Tension is attractive to me. There is energy in tension that comes from the vibration between particular qualities. Imprecision and craft, humor and solemnity, structure and improvisation, bright red and bright turquoise, whatever they might be, they’re always more interesting set against each other. Those tensions, both physical and cognitive, act to animate the static object.

My painting has, over time, moved from the abstract to the representational and then back again, always questioning the roles of content, narrative and process. I currently employ a process of making multiple small paintings, then arranging them, repainting them, rotating them and repainting them again, usually multiple times until something clicks. The results usually conflict with my personal taste. Then again, maybe they don’t.

I’ve started to allow personal experience to influence the decision-making process, attaching narrative aspects to particular colors and arrangements. These influences exist uneasily with the desire to avoid static interpretations.

Darryl Vance
October, 2018


Darryl Vance is an artist living near Oranmore, Ireland.