A few works for sale in San Francisco...

I have four of my smaller works from 2010-12 for sale at Monique Arnon Art & Antiques in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.  The shop is extremely charming and focuses on fine arts from the 18th to the mid 20th century, all selected with Mme. Arnon's keen eye.  The selected works include "Two Drawings of a Lake", Absinthe #1 and #2" and "Arrangement A", which can be viewed in the "Paintings 2003-12" section of this website.

Exhibitions ahead!

Happy to announce that starting in November some of the cardboard paintings will be available at The Passdoor in Sebastopol, California.

Details as they develop.

Welcome back

This new website represents a more direct representation of my work as an artist, and my desire to connect that work to the world at large.  To show not only the finished work, but the influences, processes, mistakes and successes that go into the final results.

I've always been a very private person, certainly when it came to what I valued the most dearly, so I'm anxiously looking forward to this new approach.  In addition to an Instagram and Twitter feed, I've (gulp) returned to Facebook.  If you roll that way, I invite you to check out those things, too, as what I share there is similar, but not identical to this blog.

Making art is constant testing, experimentation, re-arranging and change, and this blog and this website will end up reflecting all of that.  Or maybe not.

Let's see what happens.