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The world's best slot car interior just got better! Presenting the new Durl's XD interior, with more than ten improvements to make this interior the most beautiful, richly detailed interior in the industry! The drivers uniforms and helmets more accurately resemble current uniform design, and the cockpit has been updated and enhanced, as well. They still are printed in waterproof inks on lightweight, high-quality paper. And they still come in 4-inch and 4.5-inch versions.

And now they're even more affordable! We've lowered the price on ALL Durl's interiors to just $2.95 each.
Ask for them at your local raceway, but if they won't order them (feh! go figure), get some right here.

Like the original version better? No problem!

are still available. Click here to check 'em out!

WHAT? Your local raceway won't carry them?
Order them direct. Click here!



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If your local raceway doesn't carry the world's best paper interiors, get in touch with these fine folks.

NEW POSTER FOR NORTH EAST SLOTCAR RACEWAY Loosly based on a previous design for a track in Fresno, NESR needed a poster to promote thier Thursday night action.

If you need something for your track or event, I'd love to help. Take a look at some other examples!

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