Exhibition in July at KAVA

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be having a show at The Courthouse in Kinvara July 3-15. I may have a special guest sharing the space with me, but if not it’ll be my second solo gig at KAVA, and that makes me happy. Details closer to summer.

The Witches Knickers Project, February 5-9

I am taking part in an experimental workshop with KAVA, addressing the impact of single-use plastic on our environment.  This workshop concluded with an exhibition at The Russell Gallery in New Quay February 17th through March 3rd.

I have created a page for the results of this project that includes a set of social media profile images. a few small watercolor portraits of these objects, and a report of when I went to a local beach and collected plastic waste to see what one person could do for one hour.

A book about the project is currently in the planning stages.

BTW, "witches knickers" is Irish slang for plastic bags caught up in tree branches and hedges.

Paintings at The Coach House Bistro in February

Now through February I have a few of my paintings on the walls at The Coach House Bistro in downtown Oranmore.  In my completely unbiased opinion the Bistro has brilliant food, terrific staff and a warm and cozy atmosphere. Rating: 4 vague oval shapes (highest vague oval shape rating).

MILKY NOON SIGNAL (2017), oil on cardboard on wood, 20cm x 60cm

MILKY NOON SIGNAL (2017), oil on cardboard on wood, 20cm x 60cm

A Series of Decisions at The Courthouse Gallery, Kinvara

An exhibition of my recent work is running through September 24th at The Courthouse Gallery in Kinvara, County Galway. The gallery is open 11 am to 6 pm and closed Mondays.

During the show I'll be using the gallery as a studio, painting, drawing, and whatever else comes to mind.  KAVA has been looking for engaging ways to utilize the space both during and between exhibitions and I thought this would be an interesting experiment, bringing the public into my decision-making process.

I'm also live streaming from the gallery on Facebook to both show my works in progress and to see what putting myself out there like that results in.  

AND...here's my interview with Cathy Dunne on her KinvaraFM show.  I'm on at 19:00 (after "Me and Mrs. Jones").

The Art of Nature at KAVA

THAT THERE (2017), oil on cardboard on wood, 21" x 23", private collection.

THAT THERE (2017), oil on cardboard on wood, 21" x 23", private collection.

This painting is included in The Art of Nature, the annual KAVA members exhibition at The Courthouse in Kinvara opening Friday, August 18th.  The show runs through August 27th and features a lot of work by a lot of talented people.