For over 50 years, James "Alley Pat" Patrick has been one of America's most unique and underappreciated radio personalities. With an unmistakable delivery, irreverent wit, and deep compassion for his community, he has consistently been the most enigmatic "disc jockey" in Atlanta. His professional life is deeply ingrained in the history of black radio in America, the Civil Rights movement in the South, and the community he has been a part of for seventy-five years. His personal life reflects the ambition and courage that come with the constant struggle against racism and oppression. He is also funny as hell.

This site includes a brief biography of Pat, audio samples (.wav files), letters from fans, photos and info about a documentary film about Pat.

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THE ALLEY PAT FILM is COMPLETE! The Tom Roche film is being submitted to film festivals around the country. Look for it when it comes to your town. In the meantime, check out the new You Tube Alley Pat Channel. Tom has also started a blog to make available more audio clips of Pat on the air.

"ALLEY PAT'S PLACE", Pat's TV show, airs twice a week on Atlanta's Public Access Channel. Mondays at 8:30 PM. If you're in town, check it out.

LINKS to anything Alley Pat are few and far between, but there is mention of his 7" single "Pat's Rubber Band" b/w "Phone Call From the Devil" on AP Records at a terrific web site,

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